OUARA - essential oil diffuser

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Why buying a diffuser ?

The interior air is too often dry with the air conditionner at home or at office. The essential oil diffuser is made to solve this problem and to bring a delicate touch to your environment.


What are the benefits ?

The flavors that we breathe can be sources of well-being. A few drops of essential oil in the water of the diffuser and it is the whole room that is parfumed for the whole day.

The aesthetics of the diffuser has a unique and well thought out design. Made with sensible curves and unusual touches. That makes from it an ideal gift for your girlfriend / wife on her birthday or Valentines Day.

How does it works ?

The diffuser is powered by a USB cable. This allows him to be connected to a computer or USB price connected to the sector. The diffuser also emits a colorful light and very relaxing. 

 Compatible with our essential oils

 High quality materials

 Unique design for your home


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